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Zanilonia is a virtual band, with members contributing in different times and places...

David Zee briefly studied piano with accomplished pianist ‪Virginia Reinecke and music theory/composition at Towson State University. Then he was off to a self-driven career of music performance in the 1970s; TV scoring in the 1980s and 1990s; and songwriting in the 2000s and beyond. Click here for general information about David's background.

Anissa studied jazz voice at the Esther Boyer College of Music at Temple University. She currently plays at various events in Maryland. During the day, she is an English professor at a Baltimore area university.

Other contributors have included MD drummer/percussionist Jim Brink; MD singer Cara Detwiler; NY singer/songwriter Kathleen Pemble; VT percussionist/electric violinist Derrik Jordan; well-known Australian singer Tara-Lynn Sharrock; and Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter/producer/DJ Rosebud.