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by John Williams
Recorded by Zanilonia
Mechanical royalty rights secured through Harry Fox Agency.

Keyboards: David Zee
Vocal, spoken word: Rosebud
Beat from:
Audio mix engineer: Mike Potter/ Orion Studios

Video editor: David Zee
Graphic design: Christine O - PeoplePerHour
Zanilonia logo: Ashley Pound

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Checkmate background (from Wikipedia)

Checkmate was an American detective television series created by Eric Ambler, starring Anthony George, Sebastian Cabot, and Doug McClure. The show aired on CBS Television from 1960 to 1962 for a total of 70 episodes. It was produced by Jack Benny's production company, "JaMco Productions" in co-operation with Revue Studios. Guest stars included Charles Laughton, Peter Lorre, Lee Marvin, Mickey Rooney and many other prominent performers.

The program chronicles the cases of the San Francisco detective agency called Checkmate, Inc. Don Corey and Jed Sills run the agency, which specializes in preventing crimes before they happen from Corey's stylish apartment supposedly at 3330 Union Street. Sebastian Cabot portrays Dr. Hyatt, a college professor whom they employ as an adviser. Dr. Hyatt's dachshund, Bismarck, occasionally appears. Ken Lynch is frequently seen as police dept. contact Lt. Thomas Brand.