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"MacGuffins of the Mind"

by David Zee
Recorded by Zanilonia

Video - cast:
Leanna Chamish
David Zee
Camera: Les Bradley

Keyboards, vocal, video editor: David Zee
Mix & master: Mike Potter

Zanilonia logo: Ashley Pound

Public domain film clips:
"Color Me Dead" 1970 dir. Eddie Davis

Unsplash photo list:
Matt Nelson
Mike Konov
Yuvrai Singh
Lex Sirikiat
Lisa Yount
Nathan Bird
Matthew Moloney
Gustavo Zambelli
Andrej Lisakov
Jean Beller
Denise Bossarte
Josip Ivankovic
Kier in Sight Archives

Stock photos: Pond5


Macguffins of the Mind lyrics

The voices sound in every generation
The story is the same as always told
Illusive list of wrongs
Offenses deep and long
Cruel accusers in familiar molds

Trading on the dark sides of our nature
Counting on our distrust and our fear
Searching for the worst
The last become the first
Listeners hear what they want to hear

They try to vilify a hidden villain
They won't reveal the documents they clutch
And the crumbs they try to crush
Nothing real for them to touch
Just a drawing in the dust
Hidden by the underbrush
MacGuffins of the mind

The object of the chase is in the chasing
Players playing hard to win the game
Staging guilty scenes
The ends outweigh the means
All is fair in placing of the blame

They fabricate the fictional MacGuffins
Devious designers in command
Shady sleight of hand
Distractions from the plan
Loyalties and secrets on demand

The try to vilify a hidden villain....