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"Meet the Metal Me"

by David Zee
Recorded by Zanilonia

Video - cast:
Leanna Chamish
David Zee
Camera, special effects: Les Bradley

Keyboards, vocal, video editor: David Zee
Mix & master: Mike Potter

Zanilonia logo: Ashley Pound

Public domain film clips:
"Star Odyssey" 1979 dir. Alfonso Brescia

Unsplash photo list:
Mitra Mehr
Darius Basnar
Nathan Anderson

Stock photos: Pond5


Meet the Metal Me lyrics

Won't you meet the metal me
Mechanics hold my memories
Life-like looks with plastic skin
Hydraulics move hold the joints within

I have been changing
But I am still the same guy
Would you stand by me
If I accidentally broke your sweet expensive electric food mixer

Would you follow future me
Evolved past physicality
Pure electric waves of thought
Absorbing all the cosmos taught

I have been changing
But I am still the same guy
Would you stand by me
If I had a big fight with your sister

As we greet revealing scenes
Floating fields replace old dreams
And the promises are plain
Our reflections will remain
And the agony is extasy
And the ecstacty is fantasy
And a kiss is still a kiss
And a sigh is still a sigh
And hello is still hello
And good-bye is still good-bye
And the more that we go forward
The Less that we go back

Would you wed immortal me
Forever in eternity
You grow old, I stay the same
I hide the truth and change my name

Yes we are changing
But we are still the same ones
Trying to keep up
Trying to fit into the big picture